Frequently asked questions

How can I write my own book?

To learn the steps I have taken to write my book in 90 days subscribe to Madison’s World to receive my complimentary tutorial.

What should I write about if I want to write a book?

My friend was getting bullied at school and I wanted to help and that is why I wrote my first book. My advise is to find something you are passionate about, want to share with others and wish to solve an issue/problem.

When did you write your first book?

The first book in the Madison’s World Series, A Lesson In Friendship, was written in May 2017. I was eight years old. The book was published initially in September 2017 on my 9th Birthday.

Who helps you write your books?

I use the tools my teachers have shown me to write stories in class. My editor, Shawana Gatlin reviews my writing and ensures everything is correct and ready to publish.

How can I start writing?

I have always loved to write and my parents always give me notebooks and journals. Start with the same tools and write something every day for 10-15 minutes. You can pick any topic to explore and begin to make writing a every day habit. Once you are ready to write you book follow the steps of my tutorial.

Do you have workshops or presentations for your peers on how to write or inspire them to go after their dreams?

YES, I will participate in school events, book fairs and kid -friendly events that promote KidPreneurship and achieving your dreams.

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